Art Jobs Sign for Classroom

Art Jobs (IMPROVED 2016!)

IMPROVED with 8 Total Art Room Jobs

My classroom transformed when I started giving students art jobs for each class!

Art Jobs SignArt Jobs Sign 2016 Improved

Art Jobs: Every table is labeled with a 1-8  at the top of  their area (you will need to print out several sets of the numbers-one set per table & one for your sign). I put a magnet on the back of each of the 1-8 numbers & rotate them every week. Jobs change each week so the student isn’t always doing the same job.

8 Art Room Jobs are explained in the PDF:

  1. Table Captain
  2. Clean Up Monitor
  3. Supply Steward
  4. Artwork Curator
  5. Volume Patrol
  6. Floor Monitor
  7. Sponge Crew
  8. Chair Checker

This PDF includes the sign & the numbers. This sign coordinates with the Voice O Meter Template

Download it, Print it out, Cut it out, Laminate it & Use it consistently!


If you choose to use this lesson or to repost it (written info or photos), please link it back to my blog. Create Art with ME


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