Aluminum Foil Embossing Ornament

I did this project successfully with my after school art class which is a mixture of 1th-6th grade students. They LOVED this project!
Supplies: Aluminum sheets-36 gauge-St Louis Crafts Aluminum Metal Foil Sheet Roll – 36 Gauge – 12 inches x 25 feet, foam sheets, wooden dowel rods-sharpened or dull pencils, permanent markers, Optional: embossing plates & tools

The tools we use in class are from DickBlick- Ten Seconds Studio Metal Tools-here’s the link to them:
We have both the basic tools & the texture sets. They work great & are worth the investment! We also have texture plates for rubbing-from Fiskar-I think they are supposed to go in a cuddlebug, but we don’t use that we just put the metal ontop of the plate & rub with the crochet tools or tortillions.
Less expensive options are crochet or knitting tools & wooden sticks (only if it is a thick metal)

Amazon has them too:

Here are the Fiskar Rubbing templates we use-they are hard plastic which hold up well while rubbing the metal against it.

Project: Repousse-Foil Embossing

Video Tutorial: Repousse – Foil Embossing Techniques


  1. Cut aluminum foil in desired shape using regular scissors.
  2. Trace the outline of the ornament onto a sheet of paper. Draw designs & patterns onto the paper.
  3. Cut the shape out & tape it to the aluminum.
  4. Place foam sheet under the aluminum. This is vital for the embossing process!
  5. Trace over all your lines with a pencil. This will dent in the aluminum.
  6. Flip the aluminum over & visually make sure you’ve trace all the lines.
  7. Remove the paper from the aluminum & use the embossing supplies to further emboss the metal.
  8. After you have finished embossing, use the permanent markers to color the aluminum.



Another Metal Embossing Project: Repousse Masks
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