Active Lines & Dancing Buildings

active lines dancing buildings oil pastel drawingDancing Skyscrapers Active lines elementary art lesson teaches students about line and the artist Janet Karam.

There are 5 types of lines: horizontal, vertical, diagonal, zig-zag and curved.

  • Horizontal & vertical lines give off feelings calmness.
  • Active lines are zig-zag, curved and diagonal lines.
  • How to make a building look 3D.

We studied the artist Janet Karam & her “Funkytown” Series of abstracted cityscapes. Some of her art can be found at the Mary Karam Gallery.

Supplies: 12×18″ Construction Paper, Crayola 28ct Colored Oil Pastel Sticks, plastic forks, tempera paint








  1. Draw buildings in PENCIL using the 3 kinds of active lines. Use 3D techniques to make the buildings look 3D.
  2. Outline all lines with oil pastels-each building a different color.
  3. Using 2 values of each color (a light & a darker value), color the front of the building the light value & the side of the building the darker value.
  4. Use broken forks (2 prongs together) & tempera paints to paint in fire works.

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