After School Art Class Projects 2017-18

After School Art ProjectsWe just wrapped up another great year of after school art! This is a tuition-based class that I teach outside of school hours. The projects below are from my fall & winter sessions from 2017-18. To read more about starting an after school art class and get free resources click here. For the past 7 years, I have taught two 10-week after school art sessions each year. My school allows me to use my classroom, but I provide all my own supplies (paper, paints, clay, glazes, etc.). This is a huge blessing and a great source of extra income (especially on a teacher’s salary)!

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Fall Session

Week 1-2: Dots Landscape Tempera Painting
Week 3-5: Hermit Crab Watercolor & Sand Painting
Week 6-7: Ceramics Slab Angel
Week 8-10: Eric Carle Style Spider

Dots Landscape Tempera Painting

Resource: Modern Abstract Fantasy Whimsical Flowers by Luiza Vizoli

Hermit Crab Watercolor & Sand Painting

Hermit crab Inspired by:

Ceramic Slab Angel Ornaments Clay Lesson

(Full lesson with resources here)

Clay slab angel ornament Clay slab angel ornament

Eric Carle Style Spider

The Very Busy Spider by Eric Carle

Winter Session

Week 1-3: Olympics Watercolor & Medal Pendant
Week 4-6: Mixed Media Huichol Penguin Yarn Penguin

Week 7-8: Ceramics Slab Wall Pocket Planter/Pot (print with various shaped pasta noodles)
Week 9-10: BUGS! Mixed Media

Olympic Rings Abstract Art Project

Olympic Rings Abstract Art Project

Olympic Medal Craft Air Dry Clay

Olympic Medal Craft Air Dry Clay

Mixed Media Huichol Penguin Yarn Penguin

Idea came from (not in English) and we changed the penguin from folded paper to yarn. This was a little difficult for the Prek-Kinder kiddos, but they were able to do it with a little help. The last picture on the right is from a Prek student, he has excellent motor skills (parents provide art supplies at home!).


Clay Slab Wall Pockets with Pasta Noodle Designs

Clay Slab Wall Pocket with Pasta Noodle Designs









It has hit spring here in central Texas and the bugs are already out!

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After School Art Projects 2017-18


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