After School Art Projects Winter Spring 2017

After School Art Winter 2017After School Art Projects Winter & Spring 2017

This winter/spring session of after school art included students from K-4th grades. Below are the projects we created.

Valentines Coffee Filter Hearts & Paper Towel Roll Printed Heart Background

Inspired by Housing a Forest-Heart Tube Stamping for the background.  The hearts on top were made from liquid watercolors and coffee filters I had pre-cut into heart shapes. Watching the hand made liquid watercolors spread on the coffee filters was SO much fun! We used liquid watercolors that we made from dead markers that had gone to “marker heaven”. We also put construction paper behind the coffee filters (after dry) and punched holes to look more like doilies.

“Where the Wild Things Are” – Design Your OWN  Monster

Inspired by Deep Space Sparkle-Where the Wild Things Are Watercolor Lesson and Expressive Monkey’s How to Draw Monsters (I LOVE LOVE LOVE these Roll & Draw Handouts!-NOT an affiliate link). We designed our own unique monsters by incorporating at least 3 different animal body features from 3 different types of animals  (like fins, wings and horns) into a NEW creature. I have also done this as a SCULPTURE lesson-Roll a Beast Animal Sculptures with my high school students and they LOVED it! Sorry-I sent all the drawings home before taking any pictures-AHHH!

Cross Mosaics

I purchased a pack of wood crosses approximate 8″ from Hobby Lobby and Jennifer’s Mosaics 3/8-Inch Classico Mosaic Tiles Color Variety, Assorted Colors, 3-Pound*, for grout we used Jennifer’s Mosaics White Powdered Grout (Sanded), 2-Pound*

Hot Air Balloon Drawing and Painting

Drew hot air balloons & basket on a separate sheet of paper and colored with markers. Yarn was added to attached balloon to the basket. Painted background with liquid watercolors and salt, then glued them together.

Hot air Balloon Marker and watercolor Lego Mini-figures Drawing

Inspired by The Art Teachers Closet – In the Art Room – Lego Designs.

First we watched the youtube video about how Lego mini-figures are made: How It’s Made Lego

My students drew their own bodies-I wanted them to learn to draw the mini-figures. Then they drew either their own original design or replicated a mini-figured they liked.

Robot & Rocket Ship Drawings

Inspired by Expressive Monkey’s How to Draw Robots & Rockets  (Again-I LOVE these Roll & Draw Handouts!-NOT an affiliate link).

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