Michelle East teaches After school art classes at Summit Christian Academy. Classes are taught in 10 weeks sessions in the fall & spring each year. Please email [email protected] for specifics on session dates & tuition.

After School Art Class Policies & Procedures

Some of our Spring 2014 Projects:
Minion Create your ownMinion Mania- Create your own Minion!

Glass Fusing-more info to come soon!

Some of our Fall 2013 Projects:
Roll- A-Monster Drawing
We used the Monsters Dice Drawing Sheet from Expressive Monkey
Tie Dye Marker Monsters
We are still working on these, more pictures will be posted when we finish!

Spring 2013 After School Art Projects:

Heart Art Mixed Media Project

Heart Art Mixed Media Project-Teacher Example (Watercolor & Pastel Resist)

Penguin Cut Paper

Penguin Cut Paper (Background: Watercolor blotting for clouds & salt for texture)

Previous After School Art Projects:

Night City Scape

Aluminum Foil Embossing Ornament (Repousse)