Arcimboldo and Found Object Portraits

Giuseppe Arcimboldo inspired found object portraits. Create a found object face inspired by Italian artist Giuseppe Arcimboldo who is know for his still life portraits. These paintings were of people comprised of flowers, fruits, vegetables, plants, fish and books! Fun and creative art lesson for kids (and adults!) 

Found Object Portrait

Giuseppe Arcimboldo

  1. (Born 1526 or 1527 –Died July 11, 1593)
  2. An Italian painter best known for creating imaginative portrait heads made entirely of objects such as fruits, vegetables, flowers, fish and books.
  3. A portrait is a piece of art that focuses on a person and can be just their face or their whole body.
  4. He was a conventional court painter of portraits for three Holy Roman emperors in Vienna and Prague.

  5. His still-life portraits were intended as “whimsical curiosities” to amuse the court.

  6. Reversible Paintings- Still life right side up, Portrait upside down!

Video Lesson:

Found Object Portrait Project

  1. Get a plate (plastic or paper), its better if its a solid color but okay if it isn’t.
  2. Use the found objects from around your house to create a human portrait (it doesn’t have to look like you). Think of items you can use for eyes, nose, mouth, eyebrows, ears, and hair. You can make more than one-they are really fun to make!
  3. Show a parent or guardian.
  4. Take a picture from directly above the face and email it to your teacher or a friend.

Found Object Portrait

This is fun project to do at home while so many of us have been issued into distance learning!

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