Art Class Awards – Creative Ideas & Unique DIY Awards

Art Class Awards – Creative Ideas & Unique DIY Awards

Awards Time!

The end of the year signals many things in the art classroom: Shaving Cream Table Funcleaning up (the fun way of course!), fun one day art projects, sending art home and of course AWARDS!

I have written the awards listed below based off of major artists or art styles. You can write them out on a pre-printed certificate (that’s what I usually do) or create your own!

Art Achievement Certificate

Fun and Creative Art Class Award Ideas

Here are some Fun and Creative Art Class Awards I Have Created:

  • Chuck Close Award for the Most Realistic Drawings & Paintings
  • Leonardo Da Vinci Award for Most Innovative Artist
  • Renaissance Artist Award for Most Art Skills Mastered
  • Vincent Van Gogh Award for Most Expressive Brushwork in Painting
  • Henry Matisse Award for the Best Use of Color to Express Emotions
  • Wassily Kandinsky Award for Best Design of Non-Objective Artwork
  • Georgia O’Keeffe Award for Creative Cropping & Composition
  • Claude Monet Award for the Best Depiction of Light on a Subject
  • Salvador Dali Award for Most Imaginative Combination of Subject Matter
  • Jackson Pollock Award for the Most Expressive Artist (Messiest)
  • Thomas Cole Award for Best Landscape
  • Michelangelo Award for the Best in Sculpture
  • Andy Goldsworthy Award for the Best Nature Art
  • Yayoi Kusama Award for Best Contemporary Art
  • Victor Vasarely Award for Best Optical Illustion
  • Hokusai Award for Best in Printmaking
  • Pablo Picasso Award for Best Abstract Artwork
  • Andy Warhol Award for the Most Trendy Artwork
  • Dale Chihuly Award for Best Glass Artwork
  • Fire Proof Award for Best Ceramic Art Piece
  • George E. Ohr Award for Best Thrown Clay Vessel
    • OR Maria Montoya Martinez Award for Best Thrown Clay Vessel
  • Ansel Adams Award for Best Black & White Photography
  • William Addison Dwiggins Award for Best Graphic Design
  • Norman Rockwell Award for Best Illustrator
  • Mary Cassatt Award for Best Portrait
  • Frida Kahlo Award for Best use of Iconology & Symbolism

Have some more creative art awards you want to share? Please leave a comment below!

Want something more than a certificate to award? Check out these Creative DIY Art Awards, Medals, and Trophies

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Art Award Certificates & Unique Art Trophies

*Fun and Creative Art Award Ideas for the Art Classroom: * Art Award Certificates & Unique Art Trophies
_Need some creative inspiration for end of the year awards? _Check out these fun and easy Art Awards!

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Friday, September 14, 2012

One Crayola Short: Bravo Board Trophies

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Golden Paintbrush Awards Mel Hebert's photo, idea, and quote. "What I say when I announce the awards is this, "The highly coveted golden paintbrush awards are given to those students who not only show tremendous skill, but those who are problem solvers. These students care deeply about their work and don't ask the question, 'is this good enough?, but 'is this my best?'"

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Teacher Stuff

Art class trophies for classroom management. | See more about Classroom, Classroom management and Art.



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Principled Academy: Unique Art Awards for Kids!

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Art Award - Paint Brush | Arts

Academic Brag Tags: Art Award – Paint Brush -(not an affiliate link)



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*Art Project Girl: *Art Awards: The Golden Crayon

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Altered Paintbrush with Jen Matott

*Design Mommy Craft: *Altered Paintbrush with Jen Matott

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Hanging Ceramic Awards (Great for end of the year Art Awards)

The Creative Crafty: Hanging Ceramic Awards (Great for end of the year Art Awards)

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Art Award

Celebrate your students with this FREE Printable Art Award!

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Artist Awards

*Ellison Education: * Artist Awards

Additional Art Award/Incentives Thoughts:


ART CONTESTS – Student Artwork “Smart Awards” by Marvin Bartel

Picasso Passes (Art Incentives)

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