Art Report Card Comments

Art Report card comments Art Report Card Comments

Do you struggle with what to write in art report card comments? I do-big time! Therefore, I have compiled a list of report card comments for art to help us all out! The comments are broken down into categories: Behavior, Work Habits,  Studio Strengths, Goal Setting & Sum-Up Sentences Examples.
Funny Report Card Comments: Google Teacher Translate….. Gerry Brooks There are actually some great tips in this video & be prepared to laugh!


Positive Behavior

  • makes positive choices in art class which results in understanding and good participation
  • he is a role model for our class by respecting the classroom rules and peers
  • is able to separate work and social times
  • shows respect to adults and peers in and outside of the classroom
  • reacts appropriately and diplomatically in adverse situations
  • follows classroom rules with kindness and respect
  • works well with others in group activities
  • is able to transition easily from one activity to the next.

Challenging Behavior

  • has shown a negative attitude towards art projects
  • is unwilling to participate in the art activity
  • does not turn in art assignments on time
  • disregards instructions resulting in artwork that does not meet assignment requirements
  • disrupts other students from doing their artwork
  • does not respect the art supplies and does not use them wisely
  • has difficulty managing his feelings and emotions in the classroom

Work Habits

  • works diligently to complete art assignments in a timely manner
  • turns in homework on time and with good effort
  • stays focused on the task at hand
  • uses class time constructively
  • uses art supplies responsibly
  • consistently uses personal best effort
  • accepts constructive criticism with grace and implements suggestions
  • is self-motivated
  • works independently and stays on task
  • demonstrates hard work and produces quality results
  • is an inquisitive learner who enjoys analyzing situations and making new discoveries
  • actively engages in working carefully and conscientiously
  • pays attention to detail
  • follows instructions outlined in art assignments
  • uses higher level thinking strategies to apply learned skills to new situations
  • has a passion for art that shows through the resolve he puts into every single assignment
  • demonstrates perseverance and resolve on challenging assignments

Studio Strengths


  • has developed fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination
  • Adjusts grasp and body position for increased control in drawing and cutting
  • Begin to create representative paintings or drawings that approximate or depict people, animals, and objects
  • Intentionally create content in a work of art
  • Demonstrate more complex repeating patterns
  • Further engage and participate in art discussions
  • Explain preferences and interests related to participating in art activities
  • artwork is imaginative and creative


  • is always willing to take the risk and try new media, styles or techniques
  • willingness to listen to and implement advice
  • builds on other’s ideas and expresses her own clearly and persuasively
  • asks questions or seeks clarification when needed
  • his reflective mindset allows him to constantly improve and further build upon original ideas
  • work is of an excellent standard in both technical skills and creativity
  • willingly seeks out critique and implements the advice given. At the same time, she has a very clear vision of what she wants to create and works diligently to make that vision happen.
  • willing to put in extra time outside of class to ensure that his work is completed on time
  • uses tools, materials, artistic conventions appropriately
  • has a clear vision for their artwork and imagines possible next steps in making their piece
  • creates artwork that conveys a clear idea, a feeling, or a personal meaning
  • embraces the opportunity to learn from mistakes, and therefore grows as an artist and is learning valuable creative solving skills
  • interacts as an artist with other artists resulting in improved concepts and techniques

Sum-Up Sentence Examples

  • Overall, Sally has had a great semester displaying a positive attitude and fine level of effort therefore resulting in successful art pieces. She shows great potential as an artist and I encourage her to consider advanced level visual arts next year as a subject choice.
  • I look forward to continuing to see more exciting and inventive work next semester from Tom. Overall, it has been an excellent beginning to the year for a student who shows great potential in Visual Arts. He is a valuable member of our class who is well respected by his peers.
  • Tom has natural talent and he has set high personal goals to achieve creative and inventive artwork. He is willing to give the additional time needed in order to complete his projects. As a result, this combination of talent and determination is a strong recipe for success.
  • Amy shows a positive attitude in art and she strives to do her best artwork. She listens well for instructions and shows enthusiasm in her work.
  • Josh is clearly a leader among his classmates. He speaks with confidence to the group and has served as a guide to help direct them in their art projects. As a result of him being a risk taker and thriving on trying new skills and techniques he is growing as an artist.
  • Matt has been a helpful resource in helping me to communicate with his classmates. He takes an active part in discussions pertinent to art and has strong work habits which results in successful pieces of art.
  • Caleb is showing positive development in his artist skills and has a positive attitude in our classroom. He shows a willingness to learn, is able to organize his ideas well and implement feedback resulting in successful pieces of art.
  • Kayleigh has strong artistic talent.  Her drawing skills are strong and her artwork shows detail. She manages her time wisely and approaching class activities with excellence and enthusiasm.

ESL Learners in Art

  • Susan is an enthusiastic learner who arrives with a smile each day and embraces new challenges with excitement. She is respectful to adults and peers, friendly and a positive influence in the classroom. Her comprehension of the English language is improving and therefore she is able to understand verbal instructions better.
  • Nathan is showing positive development in his artist skills and has a positive attitude in our classroom. He shows a willingness to learn and he implements feedback given on his artwork. His comprehension of the English language shows improvement and is therefore able to understand verbal instructions better.

Goal Setting

The Art of Ed has a fantastic article on goal setting: Why Helping Students Set Personal Goals is a Must Do.

Here are some ideas on setting artistic goals:

  • Improve the ability to verbalize and write intelligently about pieces of art using art vocabulary and knowledge of art history.
  • Growth in specific art medium techniques: charcoal, graphite, pastel, painting, sculpture, ceramics, printmaking, photography, mosaics, etc.
  • Growth in use of color theory, composition, observational drawing, perspective and portraiture.
  • Be able to identify periods in art history with major artists and art styles.
  • Create a body of work that shows artistic growth.
  • Identify elements and principles of art in your own work and the work of others.
  • Develop your own style and write or verbalize your art statement.

Show Respect

Above all, remember that you must show respect to the student whether you are leaving positive or negative comments.

So, I hope that the above comments help make report cards writing less painful. Finally, remember that is important to “sandwich” 2 positive comments with a negative comment in between!

This post is © Michelle C. East – Create Art with ME. If you choose to reference ANY part of this post (written word, photo or graphic), please link back to my blog Create Art with ME.

Art Report card comments

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