Art Teacher Mugs and My Pottery Adventure

Art Teacher Mug Handmade Wheel-thrown stoneware

Ceramics has been a long time love of mine. In college, I took several courses in ceramics as part of my art major and was hooked! Getting my hands dirty and the tranquility of working on the pottery wheel made me fall in love with the medium. After college, I didn’t have access to the equipment necessary for creating ceramic pieces, specifically a kiln to fire the pottery. My life soon became full of working a career and then having children. While I still created artwork-paintings, I longed to get back on the pottery wheel.

After I became an art educator and advocating for eight years to get a kiln at my school, the world of pottery began to open back up for me. We then got a kiln and two pottery wheels for my school and this is where my love and drive to create in clay started to intensify.

Blessings Abound

In August of this year, God provided an amazing opportunity for us to get a kiln for our home at an incredible deal! His amazing provision has enabled us to begin our own pottery side-business from home (I am still teaching full-time)! Within a few weeks, we purchased a pottery wheel to use at home and have been steadily creating functional pottery.

My husband Matt has jumped in too and learned to throw pottery as well! Kayleigh our daughter, has also been “throwing” rice bowls and various other items. The Lord seems to be blessing this endeavor and we are grateful for the HUGE support from family and friends!

michelle pottery wheel

Pottery Creations

Initially when we got the kiln, but before we got the pottery wheel we were only making hand-built slab items like garden markers and jewelry. Since we have gotten the pottery wheel, we’ve been making LOTS of mugs, bowls and plates! As we are constantly learning and growing our skills, we are always trying new techniques and experimenting with glazes and textures!

Art Teacher Mugs

One of my favorite things is to create custom designs, therefore, combining art education and pottery was a natural combination! Thanks to the suggestion of another art teacher this special mug was born!

Creating these mugs has been so much fun! I am making these in limited edition! My Art Teacher mugs are hand-thrown on the pottery wheel and are made with buff colored stoneware clay. All mugs are glazed with lead-free glaze (food safe) & high-fired for long-lasting strength and durability.

The art teacher mugs are glazed with rich cobalt blues, purples, and seaweed greens. The handle has been hand built with a paintbrush design and is comfortable to hold. Each mug is signed and dated by Michelle East.

  • Capacity: holds 12 oz
  • Price: $40 (Includes Shipping only within the USA)
  • Food Safe
  • Microwave Safe
  • Dishwasher Safe

Not recommended for freezing

Not recommended for direct flame or stove-top

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