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Artists that Inspire UsArtists that Inspire Us

“Creativity is the power to connect the seemingly unconnected”

-William Plomer

As artists and art educators, we are driven to create. Growth in our skills r

equires that we experiment. Experimentation and creativity go hand in hand. The world is changed by people who think in new and creative ways, connecting the seemingly unconnected. Therefore, we must get out of our comfort zone, use materials in new and fresh ways, and take steps to exercise our imaginations. 4 Ways to Grow Your Creativity  As a result, we will take risks, we will inspire new thoughts and processes, and we will create fresh and captivating artwork. As educators we will help lead our students to new heights leading the way to change!

“A true artist is not one who inspires, but one who inspires others” Salvador Dali

The following artists experiment and use everyday objects to create incredible and dynamic pieces of art! They are truly inspirational!

Andrew Myers

Andrew Myers is most know for his creative artwork made out of screws and oil paint. Myers has international roots having been born in Germany, growing up in Spain, and now residing in California. His unique combination of materials to create realistic portraits makes him an artist that inspires unique uses of unrelated materials!

Fading Thoughts_Andrew Myers

“Fading Thoughts” by Andrew Myers

Fading Thoughts

In the dynamic portrait “Fading Thoughts”, Myers used approximately 8,000 screws, oil paint, and phone book pages.

Myers’ Website:

Riusuke Fukahori

riusuke_fukahoriJapanese artist Riusuke Fukahori paints three-dimensional goldfish in conventional household items, such as cups and bowls. Fukahori alternates between pouring resin into a vessel and painting goldfish with acrylic paint, giving the resulting work a three-dimensional optical effect. Absolutely incredible skill and creativity!!!! As a result of his unique use of paint and resin to create 3D realistic paintings he is an artist that inspires us connect the unconnected!

Fukahori’s Website:

Riusuke Fukahori Photo: courtesy of the artist and Joshua Liner Gallery.


Erika Iris Simmons

Simmons is an American artist that is currently based out of Atlanta. Her most famous artwork is created from old cassette tapes. Her choice of materials changes to reflect the people associated with the item. Her portrait of Marilyn Monroe is made from movie film. Therefore, her ingenious use of materials connected to her subject matter is what makes her an artist that inspires us to think out-side the box!

Simmons’ Website:

Artists are Creative Printable Poster

Artists Are Creative Poster

Benjamin Shine

Benjamin Shine is a British artist who paints with fabric. Famed in the fashion industry for his sculptural portraits made from folded and bunched up lengths of tulle bonded to canvas with an iron. Shine has worked internationally on installations, designed clothing and furniture and public artworks. Because of his creative use of fabric to make portraits is what makes him an artist that inspires us to use materials in new and different ways! There is an excellent video interview at Best Self Magazine: Called To Create | Benjamin Shine’s Brilliant Works of Tulle

Benjamin Shine tulle artistShine’s Website:

Artists that Inspire Beyond Challenges! 

There are a great many people who are determined to create despite their own physical challenges. Hence, we MUST be inspired and spurred on by the amazing people who are truly over-comers! Please check out my post Artists that Inspire Beyond Challenges! and my art lesson based on artist Laurel Burch: Lines, Shapes & Abstraction Laurel Burch Mythical Horses Watercolor Resist Painting

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