Bowls of Love – An Artful Act of Giving

Bowls of LoveUsing Art to Help Others

A couple years ago my school started a Fine Arts Booster Club the help support our arts programs. One of the events that we started doing as a group is what we call “Bowls of Love” which is loosely based on the concept of the Empty Bowls non-profit organization.  Basic concept: Ceramic bowls glazed for a charity.

Our objective was to come together as a group, get to know each other, and provide a benefit to those who might be in need through an artistic act of service.


Donating Food Items

Bowls of LoveInstead of raising money for a charity we decided to keep it much easier and donate food items. The fine arts booster club generously paid for the cost of the bowls (*Bisque Rice Bowl, 3 X 5-1/2 in, Pack of 12), the art department donated the glazes. We found a local charity that gives food and clothes to the needy (*Reveal Resource Center). We asked them what types of food they we low on, which was tuna & soup. The group was  asked to bring either 5 cans of tuna or 4 cans of soup for each bowl that was glazed.

We encouraged families (all ages) to come for the evening; we had music and refreshments. It was a great time and lots of food was donated!

Help the Bowls Event Run Smoothly:

  1. Have people RSVP at least 3 weeks in advance.
  2. Make a poster to place by the entry door with welcome and starting instructions.
    1. Please place canned food in the baskets by the door. Please sort by food type.
    2. Pick up a bowl & take it to a table.
  3. Set up tables with instructions posted at every table. (I made table tents)
    1. Bowls of Love Procedure:
      1. Use a pencil to write your first, last name & year on the BOTTOM of the pottery.
      2. Ceramics is best painted in LAYERS. Paint BACKGROUND FIRST-2-3 coats, then add additional paint on top! White areas must be glazed with white glaze!
      3. You may draw design in PENCIL if you would like to.
      4. GLAZING:
        1. Look on the Ceramic Glazes chart to choose a base color or colors.
        2. Get a paint palette from a table & squeeze glaze into the “wells”.
        3. Details should be painted LAST
      5. Place finished pottery on Black Cart at the of the room
      6. Place paintbrushes & water cups in sink #1
      7. Bowls will be ready to be picked up on ____, _________. Please come to the art room to get them.

Here are some pictures of just some of the bowls:

“Bowls of Love” was developed by Michelle C. East.  If you choose to use any of this post (written or photos), please link back to this blog Create Art with ME!

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