Bubble Painting Flower Lesson – Experimental Painting Techniques

Bubble Shaving Cream PaintingBubble Shaving Cream Painting

Experimental Painting Techniques we used:

Bubble Painting

To make the bubble mixture, I mixed bubbles, dish soap, food coloring & tempera paint until I got the desired look with a good amount of color. We found it best to blow the bubbles with a straw & then scoop it up with a Styrofoam plate to put it on our papers. Then set it aside & let all the bubbles pop on their own-BE PATIENT!! Finger  painting paper seemed to work best- it kept the outlines of the bubbles the sharpest.


Balloon Painting

Supplies: Tempera or finger Paint, balloon (blown up small!), paper

Place several colors of Tempera paint on a styrofoam plate. Do not blend the colors together. Lightly press small blown up ballon into the paint. Press the balloon on paper. You can either print directly on the final paper or print on a separate paper and then cut out desired shapes and glue onto final.

Shaving Cream Printing

Supplies: shaving cream, tray that is at least the size of your paper, food coloring, liquid watercolors, or tempera paint, paper

Spread a thin layer shaving cream onto a cookie sheet. Drop several colors of food coloring or liquid watercolor (undiluted) onto the shaving cream. Use a wood stick (bamboo skewer) to swirl around the colors until you have the desired look. Press a piece of paper on to the top of the shaving cream. Lift and let dry face up for at least 12 hours. Use as back ground or cut shapes out and glue on a final sheet.

Salt with Watercolors

Supplies: table salt, paper

Paint paper with watercolors and WHILE THE PAINT IS STILL WET sprinkle salt into paint. It will about 45 minutes for the effect to fully start to show on the paper.

Salt in watercolor

Scraping Paint

Supplies: paint scrapers, tempera or finger paint, finger paint paper


Paint Scrapers

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