Ceramic Box with Lid Lesson

Ceramic Box with Lid Lesson

My Middle school class (7-8th graders) recently finished their Ceramic Box with Lid project & they came out so good! I’m proud of their hard work & good craftsmanship! They had to incorporate a theme & use additive methods to design & sculpt their boxes.

Video Tutorials on How to Make Ceramic Box with Lid -Slab Construction:

Here are some great videos or blogs on Slab Constructed Boxes:

Here’s how we did it:

  1. Give each student handout: Themed Box Template and instruct them to cut out each piece. *Note that you will cut 3 pieces of each of the shapes!
  2. Roll out your slab to 1/4″ – 3/8″ thick.
  3. Lay templates on top of the clay and use a needle tool to cut them outCeramic Slab Construction Box with theme art lesson forStack them with a piece of plastic wrap or paper between them. Put the template on top so you know which pieces is what!
  4. Allow to harden to leather-hard.
  5. Use the 4 S’s of Joining Clay to attach the pieces together

    Slip Score Stick Smooth -4 S's of Joining Clay

  6. Add coils in the corners to strengthen the joints.
  7. Smooth all the sides with an old gift card.
  8. Use additive and subtractive techniques to add your theme elements to the 4 sides of your box.
  9. LID: construct the lid by adding a coil on the bottom of the lid that fits inside the walls of the box. Add theme elements to the lid. You must add a handle that goes with your theme.
  10. FEET: Adding feet to the bottom of your box is option, but adds a lot of interest! Would these boxes have been as cute without feet?

12. When finished fill out a Clay Ticket and put under your box on the drying shelf.

13. I will bisque fire.

14. Sponge off your piece. Glaze in a way that complements your theme!

15. Place on Glaze Finished Shelf.

13. I will glaze fire.

Work in progress:

Finished Slab Boxes:

8th Grade Boxes 2019

Ceramic Box with Lid Lesson

8th Grade Boxes (2017)

Past Boxes (these did not have to use subtractive techniques)

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