Ceramic Box with Lid Lesson

CeramicBoxwithLid (10) CeramicBox2 (7)CeramicBoxwithLid (15)CeramicBox2 (5)MCeramic Box with Lid y Middle school class (7-8th graders) just finished up their Ceramic Boxes with Lids project & they came out so good! I’m proud of their hard work & good craftsmanship! They had to incorporate a theme & use additive methods to design & sculpt their boxes.


Here are some great videos or blogs on Slab Constructed Boxes:

Here’s how we did it:

Work in progress:

Finished Slab Boxes:

New 8th Grade Boxes (2017)

Past Boxes

If you choose to use any of this lesson (written or photos), please link back to this blog Create Art with ME!





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