Ceramic Butterfly Bowls (Part 1) Slab Construction

Ceramic Butterfly BowlsKids almost always making art with clay! Since we got our kiln 3 years ago (I prayed for the school to get one for 7 years!), we have had so much fun creating ceramic art-everything from Teapots, bird baths, ceramic boxes, fairy houses, Ceramic Butterfly Bowls & Roll-a-Beast Animal Sculptures! Before the kiln we did air dry clay (which was horrible) or paper mâché or plaster (we use these in different ways now).



We have just finished 2 clay projects:

I saw this lesson on “That Artist Woman” blog called Clay Butterflies, please refer there for her excellent instructions. LOVE her site-she is SO creative!! We followed her instructions almost completely with the exception of flipping our bowl over & letting it dry upside down.

Cassie Stephens: In the Art Room has a similar lesson check it out below

Cassie Stephens: In the Art Room: Kindergarten Clay …

Which leads me to this here Clay Butterfly project. If you’re new to teaching clay or you simply need a quick project that teaches the basics of clay construction in a fool-proof-ish kind of way then this big bad butterfly is the thing …

Here are some pictures of Part 1: forming the clay slab & designing the butterfly with drawing & additive clay

See our GLAZED Butterfly Bowls Part 2

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