Clay Slab Wall Pockets with Pasta Noodle Designs

Clay Slab Wall Pocket with Pasta Noodle DesignsClay Wall Pockets

Wall pockets are perfect for adding splashes of color and bringing nature either inside your home. My after school art class just completed their slab constructed wall pockets and printed designs with pasta. Printing with pasta was inspired by Arte a Scuola’s post Tiles imprinted with pasta. Please check out her beautiful pasta printed tiles and give credit to her for the fantastic idea of imprinting designs with pasta noodles!

Supplies: *Sax Low Fire Moist Earthenware Clay, set of slats 1/4″, rolling pin, *scratch tool, needle tool, water cup, plastic straw, paper towel rolls cut to about 4″ long, newspaper to stuff paper towel roll

Clay Slab Wall Pocket with Pasta Noodle DesignsVarious types of noodles we used: rotelle or ruote (*wagon wheel), rigatoni, Farfalle (bow-tie), penne, fusilline, stelline, etc.

Gluten allergy alternatives: the ends of dry erase markers for the wagon wheel, marker caps, straightened paper clips or bamboo skewers, doilies, buttons, stamps, etc.



Watch this video tutorial to see how we made our wall pockets:

Wall Pocket Instructions:

1. Give each students 2 slabs of clay. one should be 2x the size of the other. Because I have some really young students in my after school art class (prek-5th grade) I purposely cut the slabs so they would be close to the finishing size. I still wanted them to experience rolling slabs so I did not give them ready slabs.

Clay Slab Wall Pocket with Pasta Noodle Designs

2. Start with the back slab of the wall pocket. Place the slats so they are the width you desire and use the rolling pin to flatten the slab to match the height of the slats. write your name and the year on the back of the back of the wall pocket.

Clay Slab Wall Pocket with Pasta Noodle Designs

3. Use a plastic gift card to smooth out the surface of the clay.

4. Use the straw to punch two holes about an inch from the top.

5. Roll the second small slab of clay to the width of the back slab.

Printing with Pasta Noodles

6. Use the pasta noodles to imprint designs into the clay. Be careful to not press to deeply into the clay.

7. Stuff one end of the paper towel roll with newspaper.

8. Score and slip where both pieces will attach.

9. Place the paper towel roll on back slab and lay the front pocket on top.

10. Press around the edges with your thumb firmly.


11. Lightly cover with plastic wrap to slow drying time & prevent cracking.

12. Fire in kiln, then glaze and fire again.

I will post glazed pieces when they are finished.


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Clay Slab Wall Pocket with Pasta Noodle Designs

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