Make a Faux Stone Wall Out of Insulation Foam

Faux Stone Wall Insullation foam

How to Make a Faux Stone Wall Out of Insulation Foam

This summer I’ve had the FUN adventure of creating the stage for a camp our church does called Xtreme Adventure. Its like VBS on steroids and is for 4-6th grade children-SUPER fun & VERY high energy! This year’s theme was “Monsters” and so I teamed up with my good friend Carrie (who is SO creative!) to plan, design & create the stage. One thing we knew we wanted to make that would have high visual impact was faux stone walls! We found this idea at the Halloween Forum-these guys mad an amazing building out of the faux stone walls. You can see this on my Xtreme Adventure Stage Pinterest page. This was a crazy fun project & my teenage kids LOVED helping make this with us!

Here is how we did our Faux Stone Walls (with some important tips along the way):


  • 3/4″ 4’x8′ Insulation Foam Sheets (from hardware store)-make sure to get the thicker 3/4″ because its less likely to burn a hole through when applying the heat gun!
  • Heat Gun (a craft heat gun is not strong enough, you need one from a hardware store-although I did use one for the “grout lines”)
  • 3 Values of Paint-Dark, Medium & Light (we used latex wall paint-actually found “OOPS” paint for half the cost!). Quantity depends on how many sheets you are creating.
  • Rollers & cheap bristle brushes to apply the paint

Instructions: **PRACTICE FIRST!!

  1. Remove the plastic coating from the sheets (this will save you much time & headache later!). ** We found that leaving the plastic coating ON made a cooler looking texture, but it was VERY difficult to remove the coating after applying the heat gun. BELIEVE ME-its worth it to take off the backing BEFORE you start the project!
  2. Draw out your grout lines with a Sharpie. You can be as precise or loose as you want the lines to be.
  3. “Score” Grout lines with an exacto or utility knife about 1/2 way through the board.
  4. Use a heat gun to “open up” the grout lines. Apply just enough heat that a gap forms. We found if you slightly pull the score lines apart, the heat got into the groves better & faster
  5. Use the heat gun in varying heights from the surface to create the texture. We found that applying 1 round of texture, let cool & then briefly applying close heat in a few areas gave a nice texture. You can use a craft heat gun for softer textures (as seen by the picture with my daughter).
  6. Once all the texture is created begin by painting the darkest value of paint all over the foam-making sure to get in ALL the grooves!
  7. Paint the medium layer by LIGHTLY rolling or brushing on top. We used a small foam roller & that worked really well.
  8. The final layer of paint is the lightest (we used white). We dry brushed on “highlights”-just accenting the highest ridges on the foam.
  9. To stabilize the foam (the foam will warp with the heat), we added 1″x2″x8′ boards that we screwed into the back using 1″ screws.

Here’s the finished stage with out the fancy lighting (the columns in between the walls light up in different colors).

Faux Stone Wall Insulation Foam Sheet













Here is the stage with a little bit of special lighting (there was more):

Faux Stone Wall Insulation Foam Sheet church stage design












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