“Give Me 5” Printable Sign

Give Me 5 SignGive Me 5 Printable Sign

“Give Me 5” is a classroom management method that works best with kinder through 5th grade. This method was developed by Harry K. Wong and is outlined his book The First Days of School: How to Be an Effective Teacher, 4th Edition. Simply, the teacher says, “Give Me Five,” and the students respond by doing these five steps:

  1. Eyes on speaker
  2. Quiet
  3. Be still
  4. Hands free
  5. Listen
If you don’t have “The First Days of School” book & you are a teacher–GET IT!

This is a PDF template to print out (on card stock or photo paper) & for YOU to add your own backing to-make it your own! I cut mine out, glued it to black paper, then onto blue posterboard. Next I laminated it.
I changed it so My list says:
  1. Eyes on Me
  2. Ears Listening
  3. Mouth Quiet
  4. Hands in Lap
  5. Body Still
Give me 5 Printable sign Give me 5 Printable sign

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