Heart Art – Mixed Media Lesson


Heart Art – Mixed Media Lesson

Jim Dine is an American Pop Artist. He did a series of painting of everyday objects including things like hammers, robes, & hearts. This project is loosely inspired from Jim Dine’s heart paintings.

I wanted a Valentine’s Day art project that incorporated hearts & art history, so learning about pop art & Dine’s was a great combination. We also reviewed repetition (patterns), warm & cool colors. Watercolor & crayon resist paintings are always fun to do!

Supplies: 12×18″ tagboard, oil pastels or crayons, watercolors, ruler


  1. Section off paper into quarters using a ruler."<yoastmark
  2. Draw a heart that goes into all 4 sections.
  3. "<yoastmark
  4. Use oil pastels to draw patterns into the heart. Draw a different pattern in each section."<yoastmark
  5. Paint heart with warm colors."<yoastmark"<yoastmark"<yoastmark
  6. Use cool colors (greens,blues, & purples) to paint the background."<yoastmark
  7. Use a black oil pastel to outline the heart, then use your finger to smudge the pastel toward the background.
  8. "<yoastmark"<yoastmark

If you choose to use this lesson or to repost it (written info or photos), please link it back to my blog. Create Art with ME

Coffee Filter Heart and Paper Towel Roll Printed Heart

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