Horse Portrait Oil Pastel Drawing Art Lesson

Horse Portrait Oil Pastel Art LessonMy after school art class just finished this adorable Horse Portrait using Oil Pastels. We were inspired by Mrs. Susa’s 5th Grade Oil Pastel Horses Lesson. I gave a teacher guided demonstration to show them how to draw the horse and they followed along with me step by step. The students range in age from Kinder-5th grade. This project could easily be adapted to older students by teaching additional techniques in either oil pastels, dry pastels or acrylic paint.




Supplies: White Cardstock (or 80lb+ paper), oil pastels, BOOK: Learn to Draw Horses & Ponies, Optional: Baby Oil & Q-tips for blending



1. Teacher Guided Demonstration on drawing the horse head. We followed the step by step instructions in the book Learn to Draw Horses & Ponies

2. Add details to the drawing like the background (fences, mountains, grass, trees, etc.) or add gear to the horse.

3.Outline all lines with a Sharpie.

4.Use oil pastels to color the picture. I had some old horse calendars that they looked at for references. Optional: Oil Pastel Techniques Worksheet

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Student Artwork:

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