Hot Air Balloon Rhythm, Pattern & Variety Watercolor Pencil Painting Lesson

Hot Air Balloons Watercolor Pencil Painting Visual Rhythm, Visual Texture, Variety, & Pattern

Lesson variation on the Rhythm Beach Umbrella Watercolor Pencil Lesson Plan

Objectives: Visual textures are created by repeating the elements of art, this repetition is called pattern. Patterns add interest and visual excitement by adding variety. Patterns also create visual rhythm and movement to a piece of art.

DAY 1: Patterns & How to Create Them

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Pattern WorksheetsActivity: Pattern Worksheet (1 class period)

Students will use the elements of art (line, shape, color…) to create unique patterns on the pattern worksheet. Teachers- Choose between 2 worksheets (5 Types of Rhythm & Pattern Worksheet-non type specific)

DAY 2-12: Project- Hot Air Balloon Pattern Watercolor Pencil

Look at examples of hot air balloon photographs or paintings. Look at different patterns on hot air balloons. Discuss composition, size & balloon placement. Practice drawing hot air balloons. Demo how to draw patterns on a curved surface. Begin drawing composition.

Hot Air Balloons Watercolor Pencil Painting  Hot Air Balloons Watercolor Pencil Painting






DAY 4: Watercolor Pencil Painting Techniques Demonstration & Practice Worksheet

Watercolor Pencil Techniques Lesson Plan and worksheet




OR Watercolor Painting Lesson Plan & Worksheets

 Ultimate Watercolor Techniques Lesson Plan and worksheet PACKET




DAY 5-12: Continue Watercolor Pencil or Watercolor Painting: Students should continue painting until completion. Teacher will address technique difficulties or instructional clarifications as needed.

Materials Needed: Watercolor Pencils, watercolor paper, hard boards, water cups, paint brushes

Detailed Examples:

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