Jofelo Sketchbook Journal Catalysis to Your Creative Journey

Jofelo Sketchbook Journal Handmade leatherHandmade journals and sketchbook are a thing of beauty! There is nothing like a hand-crafted journal to inspire every creative person. Writers, artists, designers, travelers and poets want nothing more than special place to capture their thoughts, ideas, dreams, goals, and memories. For the creative person, a sketchbook or journal is an indispensable part of the creative process! Your sketchbook is where skills are strengthened, ideas are recorded, goals are made, and designs are worked through. The sketchbook journal should be a place where the creative person is completely free to experiment and find their visual voice.

Jofelo is an American company based in Sheridan, Wyoming. Read their story here.

The Sketchbook Journal

Jofelo Sketchbook Journal Handmade leatherI love a perfectly sized (7.5×5.5″) travel sketchbook with durable paper that I can draw and paint in without having to worry about bleeding through to the touching page. The cover is slightly larger than the paper, so the pages are protected.

The Unwritten Journey Luxury Gift Set journal comes with 300 sheets of acid free paper that is 120gsm thick (about 60-80lb thickness for a cross reference) and 5×7″ in size. If you are using this as a sketchbook, you have 150 pages (as I don’t do drawings on the “back” pages). The journal pages are leather bound with no glue so pages are removable.

Jofelo Sketchbook Journal Handmade leather

One thing I love about the Jofelo journals is they are refillable, providing endless years of use! Refill pages are also available for an additional cost so once you have used up the existing pages you can still use the beautifully crafted leather case! The refill pages come lined or unlined. The outer case is crafted by artisans from Crazy Horse Full Grain American Cattle Leather that is incredibly soft and scuffs rub away.

Testing the Paper with Different Media:

Any sketchbook journal needs to hold up to the tools of the artist. So I did a test with nine common mediums that artists use: watercolor pencil, Micron pen, colored pencil, india ink, graphite pencils, charcoal (white and black), dry pastel, oil pastel and metallic pen. The paper held up excellently to all dry media and pens with super smooth surface for blending. The water media held up well with minimal bleeding through the page- in fact it was only the india ink that bled through to the back of the page (it did not bleed to the touching page). The water color pencil wrinkled the paper, but did not bleed through.

Jofelo Sketchbook Journal Handmade leather

Jofelo Sketchbook Journal Handmade leather

I am a painter and enjoy sketching in watercolors. So my next test was to do a small watercolor and Micron pen painting. I was impressed with the strength of the paper and the lack of bleeding. Because more water was applied to this painting the paper definitely wrinkle more, but it did not affect the touching page at all!

Jofelo Sketchbook Journal Handmade leather

Jofelo Sketchbook Journal Handmade leather

There are 3 journals available in the collection:

Unwritten Journey (Double strap, gift set available)

Catcher (Single strap, gift set available)

Trekker (perfect travel size! 8.5×4.75″)


The Pen

Jofelo Sketchbook Journal Handmade leatherThe Rosewood luxury pen makes an ideal executive writing pen for any professional providing a smooth writing experience.

The pen comes with the gift sets only.








Jofelo’s vintage and rustic designs bring a special charm and quaintness to all of your sketching and journaling needs. These leather bound keepsakes are suitable for professionals with its multi-functional designer appeal. These journals are great for planning, jotting down ideas, taking notes, and sketching. They are small enough to fit easily into a work or school bag. They are also great gift ideas for your creative friends or family members! Jofelo offers engraving or embossing options on these journals which make for unique personalized gift for holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, promotions, and graduations. Visit the Jofelo website today!

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Jofelo Sketchbook Journal Handmade leather


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