LEGO Colored Pencil Drawing

lego colored pencil drawing

Contour Line Drawing of Lego Sculpture

Contour Line Drawing of Lego Sculpture.

High school art students used observational drawing skills and knowledge of 2 point perspective to accurately draw a LEGO sculpture that they composed.

Objectives: Students will review: drawing lines, creating lines by using fluid motion of swinging from the shoulder and elbow, proportion & point of view. Learn how to judge angles on objects and the slants of the contour edges (perspective). They will learn colored pencil drawing techniques and apply them to an original drawing.

Project Objective: To create an interesting composition with Lego building blocks that is dominantly horizontal or vertical in design. Draw it accurately onto a sheet of special 8.5×14″ drawing paper, then render with FULL shading using Prismacolor Colored Pencils.

Materials: Colored Pencil Techniques Lesson Plan & Worksheet, Prismacolor Scholar Colored Pencils, Set of 48 Assorted Colors (92807)
, Legos of various sizes & shapes, 90-140 lb Drawing paper


  1. Review of observational drawing skills and practice drawing legos by looking at angles of lines (sketchbook assignment).
  2. Give each student 9-15 Legos
  3. Use 9-15 Lego blocks of various sizes, shapes and colors to create an interesting composition with Lego building blocks that is dominantly horizontal or vertical in design.  Can use a mirror when photographing sculpture to help extend the image (teacher example was intentionally created smaller)

    Student Lego Sculpture-Amber

    Student Lego Sculpture-Amber

  4. Take a picture of your composition with your iPad.
  5. Do any photo editing necessary (Adobe Photoshop Express App)
  6. Draw your composition LIGHTLY onto the special paper.
  7. After colored pencil techniques lesson, use Prismacolors to render your drawing with FULL shading.

Colored Pencil Drawing Techniques Lesson Plan & Worksheetpreview

myLego 2Lego DrawingMEAST Lego Drawing

Student Artwork:

lego colored pencil drawing hs art lesson lego colored pencil drawing hs art lessonOther Lego Drawing Examples on the web:

Allan Innman’s Lego-scapes

Dupalo Alter by Joel Armstrong

Quentin Gréban

Kim Martel, Senior Drawing




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