Lego Printmaking

Lego Printmaking with DIY Stamp Pads

lego printmaking DIY Stamp PadGadget printmaking is a simple way to introduce printmaking to kids & SO much fun! Lego Printmaking is a great project for developing creativity & helping children to think outside the box. This project was originally created on Filth Wizardry, please visit this great blogsite! We did Lego Printmaking in my After School Art Class & the children LOVED it-in fact each child created several in one class! This would also make a great SUB lesson!

This lesson is simple enough for elementary, but can be adapted up through high school art-I will be challenging my HS art students with this next year!

Supplies: Legos (various lengths & sizes), black tempera paint, India Ink, Cellulose Sponge Cloths, Set of 3, (Alternative option: color Lego with a marker & press onto paper)


  1. Cut thin sponges into squares- it does not have to be this size-just big enough for the largest Lego to fit on it for printing!
  2. Prepare a mixture of 3:1 Tempera paint to India Ink.
  3. Pour onto sponges & let soak in completely (about 20 minutes depending on the dampness of the sponge) & place on Styrofoam plates. These can be refrigerated to keep good for future printing. I put mine in zip lock bags.


  1. Have students choose a colored sheet of construction paper.
  2. Demo stamping & printing. Encourage them to think of something real or fantasy to create & use the LEGOS to print the shapes.
  3. Let dry (should dry pretty quickly-about 5 minutes). Speed up the drying process with a hair dryer.
  4. Color design with colored pencils.

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If you choose to use this lesson or to repost it, please link it back to my blog. Create Art with ME

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