Marker and Coffee Filter Moon Silhouette Art Lesson

marker and coffee filter art lessonThere are so many fun art projects to do with coffee filters! I created this lesson by combining several different ideas: Coffee Filter Moon, Perspective Pumpkin Landscape with Scarecrow & Silhouettes on painted coffee filters. Please checkout these great lessons!

My after school art class created this Marker and Coffee Filter Silhouette Art Project this week-it was a fun Fall Themed art project! The kids (& myself) had SO much fun making the moons!

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Here’s how we did our project:

Marker and Coffee Filter Silhouette Art Project

Supplies: Coffee Filters, copy paper, Crayola Black Markers, Spray bottle filled with water, Glue Sticks, 12×18″ Black Construction Paper, Oil Pastels, Sharpies

Coffee Filter and Marker Moon Art Lesson







Moon Instructions:

1.Write your name with a Sharpie at the bottom of the coffee filter or on the copy paper.

2.Draw the craters of the moon by drawing various size circles all over the coffee filter, some going off the filter.

3.Put a piece of copy papy under the filter.

4.Spray the filter with water until the whole filter is wet.marker and coffee filter sihouette art lesson


5.Let dry. If you are in a hurry, you can dry with a hair dryer (as we did). It will significantly speed the drying time. If you choose to dry with a hair dryer, let the filter sit for about 3 minutes to allow the marker to “bleed”.



Landscape Instructions:

1. When the coffee filter is dry, cut off a small portion of the bottom. This is going to sit on the horizon line of the drawing. You could also choose to put the moon in a different location on the paper.

marker and coffee filter sihouette art lesson






2.Glue the filter onto the paper with stick glue.

3. Use a white oil pastel to draw in the horizon line along the cut edge of the filter.

4. Use oil pastels to draw and color in the artwork.

5. Use a Sharpie to draw silhouettes on the moon.

marker and coffee filter sihouette art lesson







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