Minion Mania – Create your own Minion!

Minion MaNia!! Create Your Own Minion

I LOVE MINIONS from Despicable Me-who doesn’t- they are adorable! We created our own minions in my after school art class last week & it was a HUGE hit! (the class was mostly 1st-3rd graders for that session)

Here’s how we made them:

  1. On a sheet of 9×12″ yellow construction paper use a protractor or something you can make a half circle with to draw in the top & bottom of the minion. Leave a little space (depending on how tall you want your minion to be) & then connect the 2 half circles with straight lines. Cut out.
  2. To make it look 3D, add a little orange dry pastel all around the sides & use your finger to smudge the pastel towards the middle of the minion body.
  3. Decide how many eyes  you want your minion to have & use circle templates to trace onto gray & white construction paper. The gray circle should be slightly larger than the white circle. Cut them out, then glue the white circle on top. Cut a smaller circle for the pupil & glue it on.
  4. Also cut 2 strips of black paper for the the goggle band to go around the head, glue it on too.
  5. To make the clothes, we traced the body onto blue construction paper (or whatever they wanted the clothes to be). Then cut out straps & added details.
  6. We used the “scrap” yellow paper to make the arms/hands & used sharpies to draw on the gloves.
  7. Use black paper to cut out boots.
  8. Use black yarn or black pipe cleaners for the hair-tape on back of the minions head.

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