Current Project: Active Lines & Dancing Buildings

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Dancing Skyscrapers

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Other projects we have done in 2nd Grade:


Second grade students learned about the element of art called VALUE. Value is the lightness or darkness of a color.

  • TINT=Lighter -To make the color lighter (tint), you usually will add white. The more white you add, the lighter the color.
  • SHADE=Darker – To make the color darker (shade), you usually will add black. The more black you add, the darker the color.

Here is the full lesson: Jelly Fish Mixed Media Value Lesson


Value JellyFish Painting-students painting tints and shades of blue

Value JellyFish Painting

Value JellyFish Painting- students drawing jelly fish in dry pastel, then smudging it into the center to give a transparent look.

Dancing Skyscrapers

Warm & Cool Colors Handprint Pattern Watercolor & Crayon Resist Painting

Pumpkin and Gourd Still Life Watercolor Painting

Balance & Ancient Jars & Vases

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