Click on the link below for the High School Art Class Syllabus 2014-15

HS Art-Syllabus 2014-15

A Few Past Projects:

Elements & Principles of Art – Repousse & Drawing 

Video Tutorial: Repousse – Foil Embossing Techniques

Beyond the Borders An exploration of watercolor, india ink & changing borders!

Project Handout HS ART- Beyond the Borders Project

Beyond the Border HS art project

Beyond the Border HS art project

Beyond the Border - Michelle East

Beyond the Border by Michelle East
HS ART (Teacher Example)

Beyond the Border Art Lesson-

Beyond the Border Art Lesson-Hannah 10th Gr.

Beyond the Border Art Lesson

Beyond the Border Art Lesson-Seoyeon Kim 9th Gr.

Here are some of our other projects we’ve done:

Roll-A-Beast Ceramics Project

Ceramic Animal Sculpture

Roll-a-Beast Ceramic Animal Sculpture-Barret N.

 Motorcycle Mixed Media Project

Motorcycle Mixed Media

HS ARt Motorcycle Mixed Media Project-Daniel Z.

Abstraction Mixed Media Project

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