Olympic Medal Craft Air Dry Clay

Olympic Medal

I LOVE watching the winter Olympics and I am so excited about the PyeongChang 2018 games!

My After School Art just finished a unit on the Olympics. We first created an Abstract Olympic Ring Crayon and Watercolor Resist Painting. Our last project was this super-easy air dry clay Olympic medal necklace. I had extra Crayola Air Dry Clay* left over from a sculpture camp that I taught this summer at my school. These necklaces would also work great with Model Magic* or ceramics!

Supplies: Crayola Air Dry Clay*, polling pin, marker cap, straw, yarn or string, red, white & blue plastic beads, Sargent gold metallic ACRYLIC paint


  1. Give each student a small ball of clay.Olympic Medal Craft Air Dry Clay2. Use a rolling pin to roll the clay to the thickness of your pinky finger.

Olympic Medal Craft Air Dry Clay Olympic Medal Craft Air Dry Clay

3. Press the straw into the clay about 1/4″ from the edge of the clay.

Olympic Medal Craft Air Dry Clay4. For the Olympic rings, use the marker cap to press in three rings on the top and two rings on the bottom.Olympic Rings Abstract Art ProjectOlympic Medal Craft Air Dry Clay5. Flip over & write initials and 2018 with a pencil.

6. Let dry for 36 hours. (model magic will dry sooner)

7. Paint with gold metallic acrylic paint. Paint back first, let dry. Then paint the front. Let dry

8. Add yarn and beads as desired.

Olympic Medal Craft Air Dry Clay

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Olympic Medal clay necklace

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