Paint A Pendant Fundraiser Idea

Paint a Pendant Art FundraiserMake fundraising for YOUR Art Department FUN & ENGAGING!

Three years ago I came up with the idea for “Paint A Pendant Fundraiser”. We wanted to have a fundraiser coupled with our annual Art Festival, but I did not want to sell-off the student’s artwork. I LOVE ceramics and thought it would be fun for families to have an activity to do together glazing pendants and mugs. This event is a HUGE hit every year & a very successful fundraiser!

Pendants & Mugs

We purchased these Nasco Super Acrylic Bisque Medallion Kit from *Amazon (this box has lasted us 3 years). You could also make your own pendants (new post coming soon). We also added Creative Hobbies 16 oz Plain Mug, Case of 12, Unfinished Ceramic Bisque, With How To Paint Your Own Pottery Booklet from *Amazon as well. We glazed and fired our pendants and mugs, but another option would be to use acrylic paint on the pendants. I use mostly Mayco Stroke & Coat Wonderglaze Non-Toxic Glaze Set – A, 2 oz Bottle, Assorted Color, Set of 12 in my classroom and chose about 10 colors to make available for the event (this is a GREAT set for the event!).

How to Run Paint A Pendant Night

  1. Couple “Paint A Pendant Fundraiser” with another event for maximum turnout! Adding it on to an Art Show, Family Art Night, or some other school-wide event will help provide the highest number of attendees increasing your probability of a successful fundraiser.
  2. Advertise at least 3 weeks in advance (with prices and let people know what payment methods will be accepted).
    1. Pendants  $5
    2. Mugs          $10
  3. Print out Paint a Pendant Orders spreadsheet. (FREE resource!)
  4. Set up “Start Here/Checkout Table”, “Glaze Table” & “Finished Table”
  5. Set up working tables with plastic table cloths, water cups, paper towels, paint brushes and How to Glaze Clay instructions.
  6. Post Procedures:
    1. Step 1: “Start Here/Checkout Table” – Choose a Pendant or Mug (or BOTH!)
    2. Step 2: Checkout: Pay for pendants or mugs, and receive an order # (Excel Spread Sheet)

      1. Write your Order #, NAME & Grade is on the back or bottom of EACH Pendant or Mug!
      2. Please Pay with:
        1.    Check-Memo: Art-Clay
        2.    Cash
        3.    If you don’t have $ tonight, please send the money in with your student by ____ date.
    3. Step 3: Go to Glazing Table – Choose Glazes
      1.    Get a palette
      2.    Choose 3-4 Glazing colors
      3.    Squirt a SMALL amount- ½ full- into one of the “wells”- you can always refill it!
    4. Step 4: Bring completed pendants and mugs to the “Finished Table”.

Our turn-around time getting the orders to the students is usually about a week and a half because of firing and packaging them up.

This lesson plan was written by Michelle C. East (All rights reserved).  If you choose to use any of this lesson (written or photos), please link back to this blog Create Art with ME!

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Paint A Pendant Fundraiser

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