Palette Art Classroom Management Point System

Art Classroom Management Palette System Poster Palette Art Classroom Management Point System

Classroom management in “specials” classrooms looks different than the traditional classroom. The class palettes art classroom management system is a 5 point-based system loosely based on the book “Classroom Management for Art, Music, and PE Teachers” by Michael Linsin. This book was a huge game changer for my classroom!

How it Works

In my design, each paint splotch represents student behavior that is expected during the class period. Beginning with how students enter the class, during the class and how they get ready to leave. I have adapted the list to fit my art classroom and it is primarily used with my elementary and middle school classes. Points are earned either as a whole class or small groups (like tables). Earn up the points over a 6 or 9 week term (whatever the term length your school uses), then celebrate with top earning scores! It doesn’t have to be elaborate or expensive! We use this is in addition to the other classroom management tools we use: Art Room Rules, Art Jobs, Give Me 5, End of Class Tasks, and Voice O Meter. Go to Palette System in the shop!

Earn points for these expected behaviors:

  • Enter Quietly
  • Follow Instructions
  • Show Effort
  • Clean Up
  • Line Up Quietly

System Includes:

PDF: Full instructions with 6 small sets of palettes and paint splotches

PLUS + Art Notes for Parents- Positive Note “Great Day in Art Class!” and Behavior Alert “Room for Growth” included

Art Classroom Management Palette System Poster Art Classroom Management Palette System

POSTER: Visual reminder of the 5 expected behaviors to earn points

Art Classroom Management Palette System Poster

2 file sizes of Palettes and Paint Splotches

Art Classroom Management Palette System Poster

Whole Class or Small Group Option

There are two options to approach the point system: as a class or as small groups (tables). Either way the maximum points earned per class is 5. The goal is for the class to earn a complete palette with all 5 colors. Celebrate with a special art activity or art related snack-be creative (more explanation in the PDF).

Remember that the key to success with any classroom management tool is CONSISTENT use and reinforcement of proper behavior and procedures.

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