Parrot Color Contrast Watercolor Lesson

Parrot color contrast art lesson

Parrot Color Contrast Watercolor Lesson

We piggy-backed this parrot color contrast lesson with our Iguana Color Contrast and Texture Lesson. This was a great reinforcement to the learning that had just taken place and the results were fantastic!

Supplies: Crayola 16 Semi-Moist Oval Pans Watercolor Set with Brush, Sharpie, Table Salt, Cups with Lids (100 ct.)-for salt shakers


  • Students will learn that artists use contrast to show differences between two things in order to make something in their artwork stand out.
  • Warm colors are in contrast to cool colors. Students will intentionally choose colors to create color contrast.
  • Use observational drawing skills to draw a parrot portrait.


  1. Color Contrast: Artists use contrast to show differences between two things in order to make something in their artwork stand out. When cool colors are placed next to warm colors contrast is created. (show examples)
    • Warm Colors: reds, yellows, oranges-these colors visually come towards the viewer & attract your attention first (show examples)
    • Cool Colors: blues, purples, greens- these colors visually recede from the viewer (show examples)
  2. Parrots are examples of color contrast. Fun Parrot Facts for Kids & 20 Parrot Facts Video.

Project: Parrot Color Contrast Watercolor Painting


  1. Provide students with reference pictures of parrots in different positions and have them choose one to work from.
  2. In pencil, lightly draw parrot large on the paper. Focus on following the line direction and line curvature.Parrot color contrast art lesson
  3. Outline with sharpie.
  4. Paint parrot with watercolors.
  5. Background: Choose colors that are in contrast to the colors on the parrot. It is okay to use many colors. As you paint, while the paint is still very wet on the paper, sprinkle salt into the paint. This will create an interesting texture/pattern in the paint. We made our own “salt shakers” with small plastic cups with lids (poke holes with Exacto knife & TAPE THE LID ON!!). Circle holes with marker so kids know where the salt is coming out of.Parrot color contrast art lesson

5th Grade Artwork

Parrot color contrast art lesson

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Parrot color contrast art lesson

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