One Point Perspective Barn Watercolor Painting Lesson

one point perspective barn waercolor painting art lesoonOne Point Perspective Barn Watercolor Painting Lesson

Middle school art is a good time to dive into linear perspective with more challenging subject matter, a barn scene is perfect for this. After reviewing (from 5th grade) or learning one point perspective techniques, student design their own barn scene with as many unique additions as possible. They then learned basic watercolor techniques to paint their barn.

Pre-Project Lessons: One Point Perspective Boxes, Basic Watercolor Techniques Lesson Plan & Worksheet

one point perspective barn

Teacher Example

Objective: Design your own barn. Give the illusion of depth by drawing everything applicable using 1 Point Perspective.

Project Requirements:

  • Vanishing point needs to be 4” from the edge of the paper.
  • Barn must overlap the horizon line.
  • Barn must be drawn large on the paper
  • Must be drawn realistically-NO cartoons!
  • Painting must include: (minimums)
    • Barn-2 Front openings and 2 side openings
    • Silo
    • Fence
    • Road-dirt or pavement
    • An Environment- trees, crops, hills, plateaus, or mountains
  • Optional: Animals, ponds, vehicles, hay bails


  1. Design your own barn & draw the composition in pencil. Use a RULER to draw everything possible in 1 Point Perspective!!
  2. Use watercolors to carefully paint the scene with FULL values.
    • Use salt in the wet watercolor for added texture.
    • Make sure to use value to define your edgesno outlining with Sharpie!
      1 Point Perspective Barn Drawing







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