Pumpkin and Gourd Still Life Watercolor Painting

paul Cezanne Still Life watercolor painting lesson

Pumpkin and Gourd Still Life Watercolor Painting.

Objectives: Students will learn what a still life is and how artists use overlapping to create the illusion of depth (3D space) in a flat 2D piece of art. Learn about the artist Paul Cezanne and how he used overlapping in his paintings to create a feeling of depth.


How to draw pumpkins & corn with the FREE PDF below!


Supplies: Oil pastels, watercolors, watercolor paper or tagboard/card stock


  1. Draw composition in pencil first.
  2. Use a yellow oil pastel to outline all the lines. Only do the outside lines on the corn. Use black to draw the table line.
  3. Use yellow, orange, black & white oil pastels to fill in some of the kernels on the corn (about 6-0 of each color).
  4. Paint with watercolors. I showed them how to paint 3D looking pumpkins with yellow first then orange around the lines & let the colors bleed together.

Draw Pumpkin & Corn FREE PDF (link fixed)

How to Draw Pumpkin & Corn by Michelle East

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