Sand Dollar Pattern Watercolor Resist Lesson

Sand Dollar Pattern Watercolor ResistThis lesson is adapted from the “Psychedelic Sand Dollars” lesson that is in the awesome book Dynamic Art Projects for Children (Denise M. Logan, Crystal Productions 2005) See picture below. If you don’t have this book-GET IT, this is an amazing resource for elementary art lessons and middle school art lessons!

This book has excellent step-by-step directions with photos & student examples. For this lesson, I changed  the mediums to use oil pastels (crayons ok too) and watercolor paints for a FUN watercolor resist painting!

Sand Dollar Painting (11)

Objective: Students will review creating patterns from the basic elements of art (line, shape & color). They will apply knowledge of warm & cool colors to a mixed media painting.


  1. Draw the outline of sand dollars in pencil 5 times on a sheet of 12×18′ tag board-you can use circle tracers if desired. Vary the sizes & positions-have some go off the page. Even have some overlap each other. Sand Dollar Painting (6)
  2. Using oil pastels, trace your lines in warm colors: (red, yellow, orange), create patterns within the sand dollars. Sand Dollar Painting (10)
  3. Using watercolor paints, paint the background in cool colors (purple, green, blue). SandDollarPainting

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