ScaWelcome to the Summit Christian Academy online art gallery! This page will showcase artwork done both right before spring break and while at home and submitted during our distance learning time from March-May 2020. Click on artwork to see larger picture.

Kinder Artwork

1st Grade Artwork

2nd Grade Artwork

3rd Grade Artwork

4th Grade Artwork


Sea Horse Drawings

5th Grade Artwork

6th and 7th Grade Artwork

Kandinsky Drawing

Op Art

Nature Art

Symmetry Artist

Eye of the Dragon

8th Grade Artwork

Stippling Project

2 Point Perspective Cities

HS 1 and 2 Level Artwork

Landscape (finished right before Spring Break, didn’t get pictures of all the pieces before the “stay in place” mandate)

Micrography Drawing (Text for shading)

Rear view Mirror Drawing

Spoons Drawing

Pre AP Artwork


AP Artwork