Picasso Pass Art Incentive Tickets


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Picasso Passes are incentive tickets for a reward system for secondary art students developed by art teacher Michelle East www.CreateArtwithME.com © 2014

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Check out the NEW REDESIGNED Picasso Pass 2016 Here

Picasso Pass Tickets

Picasso Passes are incentive tickets that students can earn. I developed the passes for my secondary art classes because we needed some positive rewards that worked well with their ages. This pass has really helped with my middle school art and high school art classroom management!

How Does it Work?

Students are given one to start with at the beginning of each semester.  They can earn more by doing something EXTRA nice for someone else, going above & beyond expectations, or putting super effort into a project. They can also earn one for bring back the syllabus signed before its due date. If turned in, unused passes can be redeemed at the end of the semester for one point each toward the final project.

Picasso Passes can be used for:
1. Going to your locker to get forgotten supplies or projects-without a penalty.
2. Arriving tardy (unexcused)- Up to 3 minutes late.
3. Receive ONE extra day on an assignment (sketchbook or project)-without penalty.

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