Typography Lettering Basics Lesson Plan and Worksheet


LetteringBasics Basic Parts of a Letter

Typography Lettering Basics Worksheet. Introduction to Typography  Parts of a Letter. Basic Lettering Vocabulary: Ascender, Descender, Baseline, Meanline, Cap Height, Stem, Bar Arm. 4 Styles of Lettering: Roman,
Poster, Script, Unusual. Design a Font


Introduction to Typography – Lettering Basics Lesson Plan & Worksheet

Full Lesson plan with Objectives, Delivery & Activity (Worksheet included)-4 Page PDF

Worksheet goes along with the lesson Intro to Typography – Lettering Basics (Lesson 1) on CreateArtwithME.com

Identify Basic Lettering Vocabulary:

  • Ascender
  • Descender
  • Baseline
  • Meanline
  • Cap Height
  • Stem
  • Bar or Arm

4 Styles of Lettering:

  1. Roman Style
  2. Poster Style
  3. Script Style
  4. Unusual Style

 Design a Font

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