Sumi-e Painting Scroll Project

sumi-e chinese scroll art lessonSumi-e Painting Scroll Project

Tell me and I will forget;
Show me and I may remember;
Involve me and I will understand.
-Confucius (450 BCE)





After LOTS of practice with Sumi-e techniques about 3-4 classes (see Sumi-e Lesson 1 and Lesson 2), students began their final project-a Sumi-e Painting Scroll. Because of working with India ink, this lesson lends itself well to reviewing or learning about values & practicing making different values with our “dirty water”. This lesson can successfully be done with upper elementary through High School Art (I’ve done it with 4th-12th grades). Add an Artist Seal or Chop.

Artist Seal Chop Lesson







Objective: Demonstrate understanding of Sumi-e techniques by creating a traditional Sumi-e scroll.


On sheet of paper, use Sumi-e techniques to Paint:

  1. One Animal (dragon, panda, tiger, cat, etc.)- can draw in pencil first, I allowed students to use a small round brush to paint the outline of their animals
  2. Clouds
  3. Bamboo-Loading Brush Using 2 values of ink
  4. Your Name in Chinese (can use Sharpie or ink): Name Translator (FIXED New Link)
  5. Include your Red Artist’s Seal – Chop (Lesson!)
  6. Mount scroll onto red paper.
  7. Stamping: we used  gold & black stamp pads & stamps with Asian designs (that I made) to add interesting pattern to the red paper.

8th Grade ART Sumi-e Scrolls

8th Grade Art

8th Grade Art








8th Grade Art

8th Grade Art

8th Grade Art



Artist Seal Chop art lessonRed Artist Seal Chop Lesson

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