TAG – The Art Game

TAG The Art Game, designed and produced by M. Thonneson

TAG – The Art Game!

Paint. Draw. Collage. TAG is an excellent art game for the home, any classroom, social event or company team-building activity! TAG is fun, creative, unique, collaborative, and best of all you end up with a piece of art!

My family and I played TAG The Art game and we had a great time! I LOVE that we have a piece of art that captured our memories of playing the game together as a family! My children and husband love art, so I knew this would be a hit with them! I use TAG in my classroom (3rd-HS Art), it is a great icebreaker art game at the beginning of the year that helps the students get to know each other and their art styles. I will also be bringing it to our school Art Festival in March for an extra large collaborative piece (great for Family Art Nights)!

What is TAG?

According to the TAG website, “Tag is a collaborative art game where players take turns painting, drawing, and collaging while they create an original piece of abstract art. TAG is played with cards, dice, art supplies, and a color wheel. Plays are made by following a series of card prompts. The game ends when a “finished?” card is drawn and all players agree the artwork is done.”

What’s Included in the TAG Box?

Tag the Art Game Create art with ME ReviewI received Tag the Art Game with art supplies (They do offer a lower cost box Tag the Art Game (art supplies NOT included))

It came in a colorful and sturdy box with these supplies:
Game Supplies: 80 cards, Color Wheel, Dice, Instructions

Art Supplies: 16 oil pastels (Crayola), 8 watercolor paints (Crayola Artista II), 5 sheets of assorted color cardstock paper, 7 sheets of assorted color tissue paper, 2 sheets of metallic paper, 3 sheets of 11″ x 15″ watercolor paper, scissors, glue, Paint brush (Blick), 2 containers of glitter

I was impressed with most of the quality of the supplies. The Crayola oil pastels and watercolor paints had high pigment and provided brilliant color to the composition. I couldn’t tell the brand of the watercolor paper, but it was a nice thick paper most likely 100-140lb, so it didn’t “buckle” as we painted on it. I was a little disappointed in the Blick paint brush, the bristles kept falling out on the painting & it didn’t hold the paint well.

Who can play TAG?

TAG is geared towards Pre-K & up. As long as the person can understand different types of lines or shapes and someone can help out with colors if needed, they can play the game. This game can be played with children and adults, artists and non-artists alike. I can also see TAG being used in special needs homes or classrooms as well (with some modifications). Companies could use this game for a team-building activity (great for encouragement, creative re-direction and team collaboration).

How to play TAG?

Tag the Art Game Create art with ME ReviewPlaying TAG was easy, the directions were clear and once the first person played, everyone knew and understood how to play the game.  There is a How to Play Video on the TAG website, this is great to watch before playing, especially if you are playing with a large group of people.





Tag the Art Game Create art with ME ReviewA couple of suggestions for playing TAG:

  • Have all people playing sign the back of the artwork BEFORE you get started. We also dated ours.
  • Limit to 4 people per piece of art OR Have 2+ pieces of watercolor paper started at the same time (basically 2+ games going at once). The reason is some people (AKA Me!) like to take their time in creating art and can sometimes spend a long time on their turn. This causes everyone else to just sit around and wait-kids loose interest/get bored. If you have a couple of pieces of art started that will keep more people occupied during the game.
  • Have the next couple of people choose their cards and be thinking about what they want to do (or if its collage, they can get started and ready to glue when its their turn). The box comes with enough cards that you can do this. (We have 5 people in our family & didn’t go through all the cards)
  • Have a hair dryer handy to help speed up dry time with watercolors.
  • Set some verbal ground rules of how to encourage each other or creatively re-direct each other through the artistic process. (What do we say if we don’t like what someone else has done to the art? Are you allowed to tell someone else to create? etc.)

Where Can I get TAG?

TAG Website

Tag the Art Game

Amazon (affiliate links)

TAG The Art Game

TAG Summary

TAG The Art Game is an excellent game for pulling a group of people together to create a piece of art. The end product is not necessarily the objective, but working through the creative process together! If you are using this in the classroom or home school setting, there are so many learning objectives that can be met through playing this game especially color theory, elements of art (line, shape, color, value) and principles of art (balance, repetition, emphasis). This would make a great art centers activity or 1st day of class art project for any age. As a family or some other type of group (art club, girl scouts, X company, church), use this as an opportunity for encouragement and togetherness.

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(This is a product review post written by Michelle C. East on behalf of TAG. I received the TAG game courtesy of the inventor, Mollie Thonneson in return for a review on Create Art with ME. All opinions are 100% mine.

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