Thanksgiving Turkey Watercolor Pencil Art Project

Turkey Watercolor PencilThanksgiving Turkey Watercolor Pencil Art Project

This is a FUN 1 Day Thanksgiving themed art project I did with my After School Art Class for this the Fall session. I found this adorable project on Pinterest from Willow Art Center for Arts & Learning (although the project is no longer on their website). Since it was our last project, it needed to be completed in one class (1 hour), so I changed the medium from acrylics on a wood palette to watercolor pencil on paper.

Here is how we did it…

Supplies: 12×18″ Watercolor paper or Tagboard (either will work fine), Crayola Watercolor Colored Pencils, paint brushes, water cups, paper towels

Optional Pre-Project Activity: Watercolor Pencil Worksheet


  1. Turn paper vertically.
  2. Use a small Styrofoam plate or palette to draw the head of the turkey slightly off the page.img_3909
  3. Draw in the face, hat (so he looks like a turkey pilgrim).img_3910
  4. Draw in the body & feathers. Add either “Give Thanks” or feathers to his body.img_3890
  5. Use watercolor pencils to color in the picture, then apply water over individual colors. DO NOT spread the paint brush by wiping it over the entire paper-this will just muddy the colors and make it sloppy!

Turkey Watercolor Pencil

Here are some project in progress:

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