Ultimate Watercolor Techniques Lessons Packet

3 Lessons in 1 Packet – Basic, Advanced & Additional Watercolor Painting Techniques! 18 Pages of Teaching Material!

This is a comprehensive packet to teach watercolor painting techniques to children or adults. Broken into three lessons, each lesson includes full lesson plan (Objectives, materials, delivery, and evaluation) and Worksheet . The Advanced Watercolor Painting lesson also includes a student packet. Lessons have been improved and includes example photos! There is also a NEW lesson on additional painting techniques. I use these in my classroom with 5th-High School art and the lessons are very effective!

The Ultimate Watercolor Packet Includes:

1.  Basic Watercolor Painting Techniques 

  • Lesson Plan (Revised & includes sample pictures)
  • Student Worksheet
  • Techniques Covered: Watercolor Characteristics, Getting Set Up, Surfaces & Brushes, Mixing Colors/ Color Palette, Wash, Wet on Dry & Wet on Wet, Drop Color in Wet in Wet, Dry Brush, Hard Edge & Soft Edge,  Creating a 5 Point Value Scale with Tints & Shades, Graded Wash, Blending with 2 colors, Painting Sphere to give 3D illusion

2. Advanced Watercolor Painting Techniques 

  • Lesson Plan (Revised)
  • Student Guide
  • Student Worksheet
  • Techniques Covered: Glazing, Frisket or Masking Fluid, Salt, Alcohol, Plastic Wrap, Scraffito-Scratch BEFORE Painting /Scratch AFTER Painting, Splatter, Sponging, Blotting

 3.  Additional Watercolor Painting Techniques 

  • Lesson Plan (Revised & includes sample pictures)
  • Student Worksheet
  • Techniques Covered: Lifting, Masking with Tape or Freezer Paper, Other Methods of Creating Texture: Water Blossoms, Sandpaper, Rice/Epsom Salt, Bubble Wrap/Cheese Cloth, Resist with Wax & Texture Rubbings,Feathering, Printing or Stamping

Ultimate Watercolor Painting Techniques Packet


To Order Lessons Individually:

Basic Watercolor Techniques Lesson Plan & Worksheet

Advanced Watercolor Techniques Lesson Plan, Student Guide, and Worksheet

Additional Watercolor Techniques is only available on this packet.

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This lesson was created by Michelle C. East (Copyright-all rights reserved), please link back to this blog if you reference any part of this lesson Create Art with ME.

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