Voice O Meter Template (Word & PDF)

Voice O Meter Template (Large 13×20″ Printable Poster PDF, Word Doc & Letter size PDF) Help manage the voice levels in your classroom! Includes a fully editable download -Word Voice o Meter Template

Help manage the voice levels in your classroom!

ALL 3 versions are included:

  • NEW!! Voice-o-Meter 13×20″ Poster-Print Ready PDF
  • 2010 Word Document (Editable)
  • PDF (letter size non-editable)

NEW!! Voice-o-Meter 13 x 20″ Poster-Print Ready PDF

The NEW Voice-o-Meter 13×20″ Poster-Print Ready PDF is ready to send to a printing company & is a larger poster ( the final size is about 12.5×18″).

Voice-o-Meter 13x20 Poster-Print Ready

Printing Suggestions:

  • Contact a printing company & make sure they can print a 13×20” PDF file (2nd Page only)
  • Print on 80lb+ paper (I prefer satin finish because it brings out the color more)
  • Cut out around all edges of the poster.
  • Cut out both arrows (laminate arrows separately).
  • Laminate all 3 pieces separately (poster & 2 arrows)
  • Use a brad to attach the black arrow to the half circle at the top of the poster.
  • Use some tacky putty, Velcro dots or a magnet (if you have a magnetic board) to put behind the yellow arrow. (You want to be able to move this around to the voice level you want the kids at, so DON”T permanently attach it to the poster)

Microsoft Word (2010) Document (Fully Editable)

The Microsoft Word (2010) document is fully editable download file. The file include the header, 4 voice level signs and 2 arrow “dials”. The font in the template is DIFFERENT than the picture but similar (sorry-changed computers & lost the font-new font is Desdemona which most computers should have). You can download it onto your computer & alter it any way you’d like to-make it fit YOUR classroom! Print it, cut it, add background paper, laminate it & post it in front of the classroom. The key is to use it consistently!!

PDF File (Letter Size Paper- Not Editable)

Use already made images (see below). This a preview of the PDF template. I added black construction paper behind the main portion & purple behind the “Voice O Meter” header, glued it all together & laminated it.

Voice O Meter sound control Classroom Management

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