Voice-o-Meter Art Room Volume Control

VoiceOMeter.jpgVolume control of students talking is one of my challenges in classroom management. So I made a Voice-o-meter to help the students have a visual clue on what I want their voice levels to be. Since I teach 2nd grade through HS in the same classroom, the descriptions of volume levels need to be broad enough to appeal to them all. So after doing some looking at other noise meters on the internet I designed this interactive poster. My whiteboard is magnetic so I can attach it with magnets & have moveable parts (like an arrow pointing to the different voice levels & an additional meter at the top).

In years past, I shared a room with my another art teacher (who taught prek-1st gr. art) & she made a stop sign for us to use. It worked great with the younger grades but was to “elementary” for my upper grades. Hopefully, this will work for all my classes.

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I would love to hear your comments on using one of these meters or how you handle volume control in your classroom.

TEMPLATE now available-Fully editable in Microsoft Word! **THE FONT IS DIFFERENT IN THE WORD DOCUMENT-THE NEW FONT IS DESDIMONA** Sorry, I changed computers & lost the original font!

Voice O Meter Template (Word) 




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