Shaving Cream Table Fun Clean Up Party!

Shaving Cream Table FunAs a fun treat for my 5th graders, we have a Shaving Cream Table Fun party!

Clear the tables of all supplies & labels (which we have to do at the end of the year anyway). Tell the rules first. Have 2 responsible students give each student some shaving cream directly on the table-NO touching until everyone has the shaving cream and the teacher says “GO”.  I usually let them just play for a little bit, then we get out scrapers and do designs. We then start drawing and sculpting games.

Supplies: Shaving Cream, Optional-paint scrapers

I usually plan for 1 can per 3 people


Set the Ground Rules First:

  1. Shaving cream ONLY goes on TOP of the table & your hands-NOTHING ELSE!
  2. Do NOT touch each other. That’s. It. Period! If  you touch another person, you are done. (unless they kindly ask for help getting shaving cream off their hands)
  3. Have a prize for the “neatest” shaving cream artist. The person who completely followed rules #1 & 2.

Shaving Cream Table FunGames:

  • Shaving Cream Pictionary: Flatten the shaving cream evenly over the table & Draw into it- Pictionary is fun with this!
  • Shaving Cream Sculpture: See who can sculpt the best bunny or snowman! (Optional: have prizes for winners)

Shaving Cream Table Fun ScuptureTips for Clean Up:

  1. Give a 5 minute warning that we will be cleaning up.
  2. Give each table a plastic ruler. With the ruler on its side, clear off as much shaving cream as you can. Put into trash can.
  3. Give each table sponges and a bucket half-way filled up with water (I use warm water).
  4. Using a DAMP Sponge (not dripping wet!), wipe the rest of the shaving cream of the table. Rinse sponge & keep going until all the shaving cream is gone.
  5. Get clean water when needed.
  6. Have 2-3 students use paper towels to dry off the tables.

Shaving Cream Table Fun is SO MUCH fun & an awesome way to get your tables clean for the end of the year!

Shaving Cream Table Fun Scupturef you choose to use ANY of this lesson (written or photos), please link back to this blog Create Art with ME!

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